Tire Empire & Auto Repair
1917 Genesee Street
Buffalo, NY 14211

Preventive Auto Maintenance, such as Vehicle Tune-Ups

Like your home, your vehicle requires proper care to keep it running properly. The technicians from Tire Empire & Auto Repair in Buffalo, New York, offer all types of services, including vehicle tune-ups, express oil changes, and more to improve your vehicle's performance and prevent problems down the road. Complimentary safety checks are also available.

Regular Service to Prevent Costly Repairs

Many vehicle owners neglect to schedule regular auto maintenance services. Though it may seem minor, maintenance is an integral part of preventing expensive and avoidable repairs. From commercial vehicle maintenance to emissions tests, our shop does it all to keep your ride driving like new for years to come.
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Routine Services:

• Freon & Coolant Services (Includes Recycling)
• Oil & Lube Services
• Vehicle Tune-Ups
Contact us to schedule routine vehicle tune-ups to prevent costly issues down the road.